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  1. Add product to Magento 2

    Example how to create/add new product to Magento 2: 1. Catalog - Products - Add Product 1.1. Simple product - no size, no color and so on 1.2. Configurable product - this is product with size, color or any other attribut you wish 1.3. Virtual product - this is wirtual product, this will be eg. size of one Configurable product 1.4 Grouped product is simmilar like Bundle product - you can create product group for sale ...
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  2. Magento2 add/create category

    Here is step by step guide how to add category in Magento2: 1. Left Menu - CATALOG - CATEGORY 2. Choose Add subcategory 3. Enter category name - it will appear in MENU after you clean your cache 4. Under Content TAB you can select your image or add some description (video and so on) ...
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  1. Ecigareta Web Shop

    Ecigareta Web Shop

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